QualiBelly Advanced-Μετεγχειρητική φροντίδα


Get ultimate protection in the hospital, in your car and at home with our convenient postoperative care kit.

Included in this kit:
QualiBelly Advanced:

QualiBelly Advanced is a unique tri-band abdominal support for critical interventions. Created to improve functionality and observation methods of the abdominal wound for health care personnel.
Designed to advance postoperative recovery and comfort for the patient.
It promotes recovery, gets patients liberated earlier from bed and allows them to walk upright without putting strain on the wound.

Available in two different versions: with a total height of 28cm (10.6″) or a total height of 40cm (15.7″).


Seatbelt pad for cardiac surgery patients.
To use in the car after cardiac surgery or any other surgery or trauma in the chest area.

  • Protects the wound or trauma area from the seat belt in the car after hospital discharge
  • Easy to apply to the seat belt with velcro straps
  • Remains on the seat belt in the car – no need to remember it
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Stays in the right position
  • Maintains the safety of the seat belt with the softness of a pillow
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